TPM100 TPM Introduction Level I Exam  
TCH144 Preventive Maintenance Exam
TCH170 Industrial Physics Exam
TCH249 Machine Elements Exam
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Production Technician
  Production Expert
  DMTN Technical Course Matrix
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                             Updated October 2016

TCH144 Preventive Maintenance Launch
TCH147 Working With Metals Launch
TCH170 Industrial Physics Launch
TCH249 Machine Elements Launch
TCH127 Principles of Electricity Launch
TCH171 PLC Fundamentals Launch
TCH161 Hydraulics Introduction Launch
TCH153 Pneumatics Introduction Launch
TPM100 Introduction to TPM Launch
SAF201 Fire Prevention/Extinguisher Launch
SAF202 HazComm / PPE Refresher  (New) Launch
ENV002 Hazardous Waste Refresher Launch
Information Security Training 2013 Launch